Wednesday 25 April 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Paddy recognises a lickspittle Taoiseach

Scoop! Gene Kerrigan exclusively reveals the full transcript of Good Boy Enda's chat with his boss in Berlin

AS you're aware, "Paddy likes to know the story". It was Enda Kenny who told us that. When he was first elected, he used that slightly odd phrase to say that Irish people like to know what's going on. As, indeed, we do. It's a human trait, not just a Paddy thing. And it's supposed to be part of democracy.

Enda, in his patronising way, was promising to keep us Paddies informed. He would preside over an open, transparent Government. Because, you see, Paddy likes to know the story.

Well, done, Enda. Here's something this Paddy would like to know: what were you smoking just before you said that?

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