Tuesday 24 October 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Nothing at all has changed, nor will it

Elite will stay above the fray as our new Coalition pushes State deeper into the mire, writes Gene Kerrigan

Which is most annoying? The fact that Colm Doherty got three million euro when he left the top job in AIB? Or the outrage some people now pretend to feel about this? Mr Doherty, of course, is a handy distraction -- "Oh, look at the greedy banker!" It encourages us to engage in recreational outrage. But there's nothing unusual in a senior executive walking away from a failed company, pushing a wheelbarrow full of money. It's the norm.

Put the Doherty case next to last week's feeble Nyberg Report on the causes of the banking collapse. What becomes clear is that no matter how ignominious the failure, the Irish establishment will always reward itself with lavish salaries and obese pensions.

Throw in Colm McCarthy's report on how the government should (or shouldn't) sell off state assets -- and the befuddlement of the Irish establishment is complete.

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