Tuesday 24 April 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Let's get this horror show on the road

We should bring the battle for our futures right to the door of the EU bully boys, says Gene Kerrigan

It's time to invade Europe. Last week, the EU goons -- led by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi and Jürgen Stark -- became more strident and openly contemptuous in their bullying. Our timid Taoiseach didn't dare reply. His cabinet members kept their heads down, seeking softer targets.

Striking back at the EU tough guys won't solve our problems, but ignoring what's happening will certainly make things worse. We are governed by an EU/IMF/Fine Gael/Labour coalition. The first two parties to this government are the senior partners. They're primarily concerned with the health of the euro, as well as protecting the private German and French banks -- who recklessly lent billions to the likes of Sean FitzPatrick and the geniuses at AIB and Bank of Ireland.

For three years, Fianna Fail policy was based on restoring the Irish banks to their "former greatness", as Brian Lenihan put it. This virtually bankrupted the country. We now have an EU/IMF-led government, fixated on protecting German and French banks. The real economy, and the lives of the army of unemployed, the fleeing emigrants, the cystic fibrosis patients, the special needs kids, the low- and medium-income families -- they can go hang. Our leaders have other priorities.

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