Sunday 25 February 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Kick her to the side of the road. Drive on

Latest round of pitiful performances raises more questions for an exasperated public, writes Gene Kerrigan

Bloody Roisin Shortall. Your heart would go out to Eamon Gilmore. There he was in New York, getting ready to give his big speech to the United Nations.

The world was agog -- the Middle East in particular. What would Eamon have to say about the slaughter in Syria? Would he demand targeted sanctions and a comprehensive arms embargo?

To be honest, I'd forgotten Eamon was Minister for Foreign Affairs. It had completely slipped my mind that he gets to fly thither and yon, setting the world to rights. Mostly, when I think of Eamon -- which I do, religiously, every single day -- I think of him as standing a few feet to the left of Enda Kenny, nodding.

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