Monday 22 January 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Judges didn't cop out in report -- but the rest of us did

We have a broken country after readily accepting the cover stories of the powerful

Some of us were half-expecting a cop-out, but Judges Alan Mahon, Mary Faherty and Gerald Keys followed the logic of the evidence. The Planning tribunal has done its job. Will the DPP's office, the police and the Revenue now do theirs?

The Mahon report strides through the recent past, thumping various pillars of the State. It thumps Albert Reynolds for panhandling a rich man and finds the late Liam Lawlor to have been as corrupt as we knew him to be. It finds Pee Flynn corruptly took £50,000 and used it to buy a little farm for Mrs Pee. It believes that the Fianna Fail cabinet sought to undermine the tribunal set up by the Oireachtas -- and we're all witness to that.

The report names a procession of minor politicians, cheap hustlers who eagerly sold their political asses for a grand or two. It whacks the gardai, who stood idly by as the cheap hustlers and the more expensive political hookers peddled their wares.

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