Saturday 16 December 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Forget austerity, let's blame each other

The national fantasy about dole 'crackdowns' is only distracting us from the real problem, says Gene Kerrigan

IT'S a distasteful job, slouching along after Joan Burton, sweeping up her bullshit. But someone's got to do it. Comrade Burton is the Minister for Social Protection.

This means her job is to shield us from the worst effects of a fickle world. One minute you're seemingly secure, planning the future; the next you're struck down by accident, illness or unemployment and you need a helping hand while you try to mend your life.

Hundreds of years of struggle led to the creation of a structure of Social Protection -- it's not something that just happened. There was a savage time when bad luck destroyed your life, and your family's lives. Today, when we work, or when we buy anything -- from a box of matches to a car -- we're putting aside a small amount, through tax, for the day we might need it.

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