Monday 23 October 2017

Gene Kerrigan: For both sides, the kicks keep coming. . .

Yes, bonuses are back -- not least because our leaders know we'll roll over and take it, writes Gene Kerrigan

A QUESTION. Have the citizens of this befuddled little nation become so used to bowing the knee that there's nothing they won't let these people get away with? So far, an impartial observer might answer, yeah, probably.

Right now, Michael Noonan's Department of Buggering Up the Economy seems determined to see just how much humiliation they can heap on to us. It might be that one evening, having drunk a few bottles of Chateau Arrogant with their lobster dinner, the minister's bright-spark advisers came up with an idea.

"Suppose," one Knight of Austerity murmurs, "suppose we brought back bonuses for bankers?"

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