Wednesday 22 November 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Five years on, we're still stuck in crisis

Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

Some people are very unhappy with the property tax. This is the latest Michael Noonan tax, which – from July – will cost households an average of €400 a year. It comes on top of all the other taxes and levies and charges they're extracting from us, to pay for the mess the bankers and speculators made. And some people think this €400-a-year tax is just plain wrong. They want it doubled. We speak, of course, of Ibec, the "voice of Irish business and employers".

To quote the Irish Examiner: Ibec "recommended the Government go for an ambitious property tax which would raise €1.8bn by 2015 as opposed to the €685m to be raised in local taxes, according to the Government's own figures."

That's patriotic of them, says I to myself. It made me feel somewhat shame-faced, to be honest. There was I, thinking Michael Noonan should stick his property tax where the sun don't shine. And the Ibec patriots call for even more pain.

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