Thursday 22 March 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Enda wants a nicer cabin on the Titanic

Same old right-wing nonsense and drivel about positive thinking won't save us, writes Gene Kerrigan

Well, you can't fault him on energy, can you? Like a chemically enhanced greyhound erupting out of the traps, Enda Kenny's feet hardly touched the ground as he zoomed hither and tither, setting the world to rights in the first 10 days of his reign. We'd grown used to having a dull, nasally congested teddy bear of a Taoiseach. Now, we've got ourselves a little Duracell bunny of a Taoiseach.

First, he zoomed off to Brussels, where we're told he put manners on Little Nicky Sarkozy. A "spat", we're told. "Strong words" were exchanged, as Little Nicky dared to tell Enda to raise corporation tax and Enda delivered a karate chop to Monsieur Sarkozy's hard neck.

Being a gentleman, Enda merely sniffed in disdain in the general direction of Frau Merkel, before zooming back to Dublin, to preside over a Government awash not only with stamina, but with pep, moxie and pizzaz.

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