Thursday 19 April 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Enda just wants us to smile politely as cash is carted off

Apparently we are not for bribing as Kenny shoots down hopes of votes-for-cash swap, says Gene Kerrigan

Let's imagine there's a small town supermarket being robbed. Two thugs with shotguns have cleaned out the cash registers and now they're forcing the cashiers to empty their purses and wallets.

And one cashier says to the robbers, "Tell you what. Leave me my rent money and I'll help you carry the money bags to your getaway car, how's that?"

At which point the supermarket manager steps forward and says . . . well, what do you think the supermarket manager says? To get a clue, you have to imagine that the role of the supermarket manager is played by Enda Kenny. And it's not a supermarket that's being robbed, it's us.

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