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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Dana cut through all the psychobabble

Gene Kerrigan won't be voting for her, but at least she speaks out about what is being done to Ireland

YOU'D be here all day if I told you everything I don't like about Dana's politics and the reasons I won't vote for her for President. But you've probably got your own reasons for not voting for her. So here's the thing I like about Dana.

Dana Rosemary Scallon isn't playing the game. From the beginning, while others struggled to impress us with pompous, meaningless phrases, Dana said what she believes. Like it or lump it (and most of us lump it).

There's a frankness to the campaign of the mouldy old pop singer with the antiquated Christian gloss. Numbed by the hollow pieties of the other six candidates, I found myself taken aback by her bluntness.

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