Monday 23 April 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Clown politics rule and the joke's on us

The travails of FF and FG matter not a damn as the axe hangs over vital public services, writes Gene Kerrigan

WhosE side of the Fine Gael fight are you on -- Lucinda or Enda? Will Michael McDowell climb out of his political coffin and bite our necks all over again? And has Frank Fahey got it right about Nama? These are just some of the questions raised last week that don't matter a damn.

We are currently in the deepest economic doo-dah in the history of the State. We may emerge from it with a shredded public service, with the citizens financially mugged -- while the rich get to hoard their excessive wealth and the politicians protect structural inequality whatever the cost.

All the while, the politicians and their pet economists relentlessly destabilise the political and social foundations in ways they can't imagine.

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