Monday 11 December 2017

Gene Kerrigan: Caught between the devil of austerity and the deep blue sea

The right is still betting on the bankers, the left has no new ideas, and the media is toothless and naive. Where to now, asks Gene Kerrigan

IF EVER there was a time when we needed to consider alternative ways of doing things, it's now. Not just piecemeal opposition to individual injustices, but a consideration of where this whole mess is taking us. Do we continue to live within the carcass of other people's greed and failed ambitions, or do we seek alternatives? That's what the left is supposed to be about. How is it doing?

Not very well.

Right-wing politicians gave the bankers enormous power over the State and fuelled a property bubble. When the bubble popped, the right-wing parties bet the sovereignty of the State on the bankers, and lost.

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