Wednesday 24 January 2018

Gene Kerrigan: Before a judge? Wear a pinstripe suit

Lax justice for those guilty of white-collar crime is eroding authority of courts, says Gene Kerrigan

Sean Quinn isn't the only one who holds the courts in contempt. That's pretty much the way I feel about them, too. The courts, and the rest of the hesitant, ineffectual, overpriced justice system. The Sean Quinn scandal has put the courts to the test. The results are not impressive.

Sean Quinn is the rich fool who blew billions buying shares in Anglo Irish Bank, undermining the bank's stability just in time for the property bubble to pop. He now whines about how he got a raw deal.

Judge Elizabeth Dunne knows, on the evidence, that Quinn and his henchmen are "blatant, dishonest and deceitful". And they've been found in contempt of court. She knows that documents were "clearly fabricated or falsified". That evidence was "evasive, lacking in candour" not to mention "untruthful" and "simply untrue".

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