Wednesday 21 February 2018

Gene Kerrigan: A country is flayed with contempt as European identity is shattered

Even so, there are still reasons to believe in the EU. Without it, Ireland would be in the Dark Ages, says Gene Kerrigan

HERE'S the number to remember when we talk about Greece: 2,109. And here's another, to keep things in perspective: 1,419. And here's a word that's supposed to mean something: solidarity.

Over the past week, we watched the bullying of a country that's already on the rack. One demand following another. And as each demand was reluctantly agreed to, a new demand or two was unveiled. The Greek politicians twist and turn and try to meet the ultimatums of the EU bureaucrats, while at the same time trying to calm their angry, frustrated people. Stay calm, please, they beg. Please pretend the bastards are being reasonable.

And, just as financial support is dangled before them, so is the threat of utter chaos. You think this is bad, they are taunted. Wait until we kick you out of the eurozone.

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