Tuesday 17 July 2018

Elites making a killing at expense of State

Our system is set up to provide a tsunami of fees for executives and consultants, writes Gene Kerrigan

Illustration by Tom Halliday
Illustration by Tom Halliday

In a town somewhere in the west of Ireland, many years ago, I learnt the First Law of Irish Public Life. Still an apprentice at the trade, a nosy parker from Dublin, I wasn't having much luck persuading locals to help me explore an alleged scandal. Fortunately, I bumped into veteran Irish Times reporter Michael Finlan, who generously filled me in on the latest developments.

One point puzzled me -- there was a guy very involved in whatever was going on, but I couldn't figure out why. What, I asked Michael, is yer man's role?

I've long forgotten the details, and I failed miserably to get a story out of that alleged scandal, but I still remember Michael's explanation. In time, I came to think of his words as Finlan's First Law of Irish Public Life.

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