Friday 24 November 2017

Decency versus the shadow of a doubt

The urge voters have to treat people with common decency may be trumped by fear, says Gene Kerrigan

Cartoon - Marriage Referendum 2015
Cartoon - Marriage Referendum 2015
Gene Kerrigan

Gene Kerrigan

John Waters is right, I think, when he says a lot of people are afraid to say openly that they intend to vote against marriage equality. They tell the pollsters they'll vote Yes, or that they Don't Know - but in the privacy of the polling booth they'll vote No.

John is wrong, I think, about the reason for this timidity. "People", he says, "are being scared into silence". No, they're not.

No one knows how the vote will go on Friday. That uncertainty is a tribute to the relentlessness of the campaign by the No side. Originally, the Yes side was so far ahead in the polls that some were celebrating already.

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