Saturday 20 October 2018

First Person - Sarah Carey: The Not Coping Class

Her husband got a job abroad and Sarah Carey found herself hoist on her own over-confident petard

Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey

My husband told me some great news last week. He got a job!

I hugged him and told him he was great. Then I went upstairs and had a bit of a cry. It was good news, but the last time he got a job my hair fell out. Admittedly, that job was in south-east Asia. But he needed to work, and if that's where the work was, he'd go. I told him cheerily not to worry about me. I'd be fine! The Coping Classes need a Queen, right? My parents were up the road. I booked the toddler into a creche two days a week and got a child-minder for Saturdays when I present my show on Newstalk.

We know several families in the same boat. Between au pairs, extended families and grim determination, everyone gets by. My own sister (and her two under-two babies) had moved in with our parents for six months while her partner went to Dubai. I bumped into a school friend whose husband was in Russia.

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