Thursday 15 November 2018

Fine Gael can't afford to be left in 'leader limbo' by Kenny

Enda Kenny. Picture: PA
Enda Kenny. Picture: PA

Fionnán Sheahan

It's a lose-lose situation. Enda Kenny was putting the Fine Gael succession stakes on the long finger. Assuaging the concerns of his would-be successors, the Taoiseach spoke last year about his plans to pass on to a new leader - eventually.

He was making it clear the General Election would be his last as Fine Gael leader. In an interview with the Irish Independent last September, he provided his clearest signal on his own long-term political future - if he won the election.

"And when I do that, I would not seek a third term as Taoiseach and I would like to think at that point you would have a squad of men and women who are ambitious, who have got talent, who have got experience," he said.

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