Monday 18 December 2017

Signs are there that maybe, just maybe, this might work

Eugene McGee

Eugene McGee

Could this actually work ? That question must have sprung to the minds of thousands of GAA followers as they watched the unfolding drama that was the Tyrone-Dublin game in Croke Park.

What sparked their questioning nature was not the magic of the lighting spectacular in the great old stadium but the events unfolding on the field of play beforehand.

Specifically asking the question were two categories of GAA people. There were those who never even thought about the new experimental rules or those who read about them but cast them aside as merely another bit of tinkering by a crowd of GAA academics far removed from the reality of day-to-day football games. After all, GAA people have been sick and tired looking at so-called experimental rules every spring for donkeys' years and none of them ever seeing the light of day when the big rollers of the GAA, the managers, decided they did not want any of this carry-on.

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