Thursday 22 February 2018

Rumour and intrigue keep 'silly season' in full swing

Crazy ideas betray counties' desperation to land big-name bosses

Jason Ryan: has filled one of the few vacancies
Jason Ryan: has filled one of the few vacancies
Paul Sharry (L) John Heslin and Paddy Dowdall (R) of St Lomans celebrate after winning the Westmeath SFC final
Eugene McGee

Eugene McGee

Most sectors of Irish society have what is called a 'silly season' – a time of year when whatever logic and common sense existed in the rest of the year goes out of the window, and all sense of proportion is lost.

In politics, for example, August is commonly referred to as the 'silly season' on the basis that our politicians are on holidays and therefore Dáil Éireann is redundant – but, of course, much longer periods than August should qualify on that basis.

In the GAA world, it struck me that September and October would definitely qualify as the 'silly season', given that more nonsense is talked and written in these two months than at any other time of the year – although I agree that a lot of rubbish is talked at other times as well.

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