Monday 23 October 2017

Eugene McGee: 'Rules' critics must look at bigger picture

Eugene McGee

Eugene McGee

The salmon season ended last week, the pheasant season started a month ago and another favourite sporting pastime will shortly begin. The Aussie-baiting season only comes about at irregular intervals because of the shortage of targets. But we will soon have a short, but no doubt volatile, couple of weeks when the Australians come to Ireland to confront the great and the good of Gaelic football.

The polarisation within the GAA among those who think the International Rules are great craic and those who detest everything they stand for is as strong as ever.

Joe Lennon, former Down star, will never alter his views that nearly everything bad that has happened to Gaelic football in modern times can be traced back to the involvement with the Australians and, of course, Mickey Harte can barely use the words 'Compromise Rules', such is his antagonism towards the series.

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