Sunday 17 December 2017

Eugene McGee: Injustice is served

To get to a provincial final, Westmeath will have to win three games but Mayo just have to win one thanks to outdated, unfair system

DEBATING the pros and cons of the provincial championship format is a favourite winter pastime for GAA folk, with strongly divided opinion as to whether the current system, an open draw or Champions League-style competition would be better for the GAA, the players and the supporters.

But common sense tends to bite when these debates actually come to the nitty gritty, because the harsh reality is that the four provincial bodies -- and the GAA politicians who serve on them -- will fight to the death to even consider discussing any change in the present format.

Many GAA people with open minds must surely have wondered to themselves: 'Is there not a better way,' when they watched the 2012 championship draws on television recently.

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