Sunday 18 February 2018

Eugene McGee: History shows it's pointless to talk up Donegal dominance

There is an annual ritual that takes place around this time of year after a team has made a particularly big impact in winning the Sam Maguire Cup. Because first impressions are so important in sport, there is a tendency to overplay the long-term prospects of the winning team, and we have had a classic example of this in the past week.

Jim McGuinness and his team have been rightly lauded from on high, and many commentators have openly forecast that there must be a good chance of them winning three All-Irelands in a row because of the fact that it has taken only two years to manufacture the present Donegal team to its present very high level of efficiency.

This is in contrast to the fact that most All-Ireland winners that usually come from a team built up over three years at least -- and often much longer, as in the case of Dublin last year, who took about seven years.

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