Sunday 17 December 2017

Days of paying the club manager are at an end

T he AGM of Knocknavanna Gaels was going to be a nervous one for Larry McGann. He had been out of action for most of 2008 because he had to get both hips done following decades of wear and tear.

It meant that, for the first time in 40 years, Larry was not the main decision-maker in the club -- apart from one season, a couple of years ago, when a few young upstarts had organised a coup late one night in the Eagle Bar and organised enough votes to sensationally oust him from his role as secretary after 22 years.

Larry was worried that being away from the club for several months in the summertime might open the door for another attempt to undermine his position, so he did his homework well in advance. Contacting old contacts he knew from being a County Board delegate for 25 years, he called in a lot of favours with regard to referee appointments, fixtures, etc from other club delegates and managed to get elected as assistant treasurer at the recent county convention.

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