Sunday 19 November 2017

Muslims and Jews are also heroes of the Great Famine

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

Last Tuesday, a Labour friend (I have a few) texted me to ask whether I thought there was any anti-semitism behind the criticisms of Alan Shatter. Who can say? But although I am one of Alan Shatter's strongest critics, I have been watching out for anti-Jewish bigots since the beginning of the controversy.

That's because I am what Hitler would call a Jew-lover. While I cannot claim that some of my best friends are Jews, I do claim that all of my best friends are defenders of the state of Israel. Like me. Google my name and "Jews" and "Israel" and you will see the stick I get for putting the boot into Israel's enemies.

Mind you I get stick for putting the boot into the IRA too. In the past, mock coffins have been leaned against my front door, pickets placed on my house, and posters on political websites demanded I be done to death. Defending Israel or Irish democracy is sometimes not for political sissies.

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