Monday 20 November 2017

Eoghan Harris: Yes, RTE does serve the public -- the public sector

Back in 1969, in Sit Down and Be Counted, Jack Dowling penned portraits of some of his RTE colleagues. Mine said: "He had a social commitment to the underprivileged of such intensity that it often frightened his friends as much as his opponents."

Actually, I was not alone. Many of the golden Sixties generation suffered from the same Swiftian "savage indignation". My passion for social justice -- and rejection of Provo nationalism -- brought me into the Workers Party, where I was later joined by Eamon Gilmore, Pat Rabbitte and Kathleen Lynch.

Today, although sceptical of socialism, I still suffer from savage indigation in two areas. First, my anger against apologists for armed republicanism abides. The murder of David Black brought back the grief many of my generation felt after each fresh atrocity during the 30 years of Provo terror.

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