Thursday 26 April 2018

Eoghan Harris: RTE's public sector bias is a gross abuse of its power

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

Edmund Burke says we need our enemies because "they will not suffer us to be superficial". He also believes that "a statesman learns more from his opponent than from his fervent supporters".

How will this Government stay alert with only a nominal political opposition in the current Dail? The answer should be the mass media, particularly the national broadcaster. But how can Brendan Howlin take a hard line if the national broadcaster will not back him up? And doesn't this reluctance amount to a form of bias?

Last week, I did an interview about "bias" in RTE for some sharp film students from Tralee Institute of Higher Education. Like most media students they assumed that he who pays the piper -- in this case the Government -- calls the political tune. But that is not how bias works, in either the public or private sector.

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