Wednesday 17 January 2018

Eoghan Harris: Opponents just resort to sniping and sneering when starved of fresh ideas

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

'This is what happens when you're not upfront and straight with the people." So Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein told Sean O'Rourke on the Week in Politics. She was speaking about the failure of the Inquiry referendum.

Not being "upfront" could more aptly be applied to Martin McGuinness's awful presidential campaign. But McDonald doesn't do irony. And since he failed to pounce on her pompous remark neither, apparently, does O'Rourke.

Possibly RTE News, like McDonald, may want to move on from its pathetic presidential campaign. Me, I want to hang around, hammer a few nails into Sinn Fein's political coffin and do a bit of mopping up in the media.

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