Wednesday 25 April 2018

Eoghan Harris: Northern Ireland by any other name simply stinks

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

Eamon Ryan is an excellent minister. He is also a modern Irishman. So as the minister responsible for RTE, he should require RTE News to stop calling Northern Ireland "the North of Ireland" or, worse still, "the North".

Calling somebody by their correct name is a sign of social respect. Conversely, calling somebody by a name they find offensive is the sign of a social lout and likely to cause trouble. The same applies to states and peoples.

Northern Ireland is the name of the other state on this island. Terms like "the North" (sometimes "d'North") "or the "North of Ireland" are gormless gibberish. There is no such political entity as the "North of Ireland", just as there is no political entity called the "east of Ireland" or "west of Ireland".

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