Sunday 18 March 2018

Eoghan Harris: Jim Larkin would have lashed the Labour Party

MEN think about sex every seven seconds. Labour ministers think about the Sunday Independent all the time. As Ruairi Quinn revealed last Wednesday when Jonathan Healy of Newstalk asked him whether Labour meeting at Carton House was sending out the wrong message.

Ruairi Quinn rejected this as "an old-fashioned view of the role of the Labour Party" and reached for the most moth-eaten anecdote about what James Larkin said to a reporter back in 1918. It was then he made the Freudian slip as follows.

"An aggressive reporter -- ironically from what is now the 'Irish Sunday Independent'" -- (corrects himself) "or the 'Irish Independent', referred to his opulent coat and the fact that he was smoking a cigar and wearing a big fedora hat, for which he was famous. And Larkin's famous reply to the inquisitive reporter was that nothing was too good for the working man -- and I tend to support that view."

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