Thursday 26 April 2018

Eoghan Harris: Etiquette is not an app that can be downloaded

WHY am I not writing about the 100th anniversary of the Ulster Covenant? Because nothing turns off readers in the Republic like Northern Ireland. Likewise, Nordies care little about the doings of the Dail. Last week I felt the same.

That's because I believe the main policy of the four major parties -- and RTE -- is to find "distractors" to divert public attention from the core problem of Irish politics: how to cut the huge public sector pay and pensions bill. That heavy health pay bill is the principal cause of the continuing crisis in the health service. And it resulted, however indirectly, in Roisin Shortall's resignation.

The media also like minor distractions. Like the Taoiseach playing with his phone while the Pope was speaking to statesmen. (Benedict is more beady-eyed than you might believe so I bet he fantasised about calling out the Swiss Guard to eject the egregious Enda Kenny at the point of a pike.)

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