Wednesday 24 January 2018

Eoghan Harris: Brendan Balfe digs up a fellow national treasure, a man ahead of his time


Politicians can't resist a bandwagon, but at least Alex White TD cannot be accused of being a Johnny-come-lately to the story of RTE's apology, after 23 years, for its appalling treatment of the late Joe Murray, the head of agricultural programmes, whose reputation was shredded by RTE to save the face of the Goodman Group. In today's Irish Times, Alex White fulsomely praises RTE for the apology.

Pity that White, as Murray's trade union representative at the time, didn't get Murray a better result. Back in 1968 when I was an RTE union activist, we went on strike to protect reporters who were wronged. By 1987, however, the unions seemed only interested in Section 31.

Alex White congratulates RTE for "honourably and properly" apologising. But if the trade unions had shown a bit of steel at the time, Joe Murray might not have had to wait for a posthumous vindication. He died last year, still under a shadow.

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