Wednesday 12 December 2018

Don't try this on the farm

To make hay and bring home the bales, the Shannon family had a huge trailer with an open top and a bar across the back.

"It was our job," Sharon says, referring to the three girls and brother Garry, "to stay on the trailer and stack the bales in a way that we could fit as many as possible on each load.

"The maddest part was that the four of us would sit on top of the ridiculously high loads on the way back to the hay shed beside the house. I remember well the trailer swaying from side to side down the windy road on the way home.

"We used to have to climb down the side of the trailer to avoid branches of trees and electricity wires and other dangerous obstacles on the way home. One day, while we were on the top of the load, the bales started to come loose from under us and fall out the back of the trailer on to the road. My father was unaware and kept driving.

"The three of us older siblings managed to climb onto the outside of the trailer hanging on to the side panels, while Mary was left hanging on to the 15-ft high bar at the back of the trailer."

Sharon can't remember exactly how they managed to rescue Mary in time "but it was a close shave".

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