Thursday 16 August 2018

The bad dream that is Brexit can't stand too much reality

The Irish can teach the Brexiteers a thing or two about the terrible consequences of a certain type of nationalism writes Declan Lynch

David Davis, the U.K.'s Brexit Secretary. Photo: PA
David Davis, the U.K.'s Brexit Secretary. Photo: PA
Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

The most recurring of all our nightmares is probably the one in which we are sitting an exam for which we are unprepared, arriving to do the Leaving with nothing in our heads, sitting there trying to put something on the blank page while everyone else is steaming away, getting it done.

It was that horrible scenario which came to mind, looking at the picture of the three British negotiators with nothing on the table in front of them, sitting across from the three EU negotiators who had brought their large folders to the meeting, and who may even have some knowledge of what those folders contained.

Now it was just a photocall, which did not necessarily represent the true nature of what transpired at that meeting. And yet it displayed the ease with which the 'normal' procedures of Brexit can look like something out of a twisted dream, something from which you would usually wake up with enormous relief, happy to get on with your life.

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