Saturday 24 February 2018

Streep loses the battle in America's class war

Cartoon by Jim Cogan
Cartoon by Jim Cogan
Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

Meryl Streep and I would be on the same page as regards most of the great issues. We are about as "progressive" as people can be without actually passing ourselves out on that road to a pluralist paradise.

So it grieves me to be calling her out on her Golden Globes speech - indeed, I have noted that our side is doing a lot of "calling out" in general these days, and I don't like it, because on the whole I feel we had enough of that "calling out" vibe from the bishops.

But call out Streep I must, on this exceptional occasion, due to the egregious nature of her errors of judgement as she casually dissed "football and mixed martial arts, which are not "the Arts" - unlike "Hollywood" (which is where we find her first error: her apparent unawareness of the fact that for the most part Hollywood these days is creating little more than clumsily-drawn cartoons, with much of the art, as such, coming out of television).

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