Wednesday 13 December 2017

So Big Sam will never become Sir Big Sam

Cartoon by Jim Cogan
Cartoon by Jim Cogan
Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

I never really thought he would get the knighthood anyway, to be fair. But Sam Allardyce is out there now with Big Ron, in that hellish place in which football men languish, those who have transgressed, or who have been found out in the act of transgressing. Which, in a culture teeming with transgressors of many kinds, may be regarded as most unfortunate.

There is something quite poignant about his performance in that Daily Telegraph "sting" video, engaging in what might be regarded in the more forgiving language of business as an exercise in consultancy.

If you leave to one side his advice to these "businessmen" on how to circumvent the rules of the Football Association which was paying him £3m a year, he was talking about going to Singapore and Hong Kong to address "investors" who wanted to buy players.

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