Wednesday 21 February 2018

Now it's all just one big 'palpable error'

Sport tells us everything we need to know about the money game and about the game of life itself, writes Declan Lynch

Illustration: Jim Cogan
Illustration: Jim Cogan
Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

People come up to me in the street all the time - or not, as the case may be - and ask me why I am always on about sports and betting and suchlike, when I could be writing about things that are far less interesting.

There was a time when I'd reply with that old Albert Camus line about football teaching him everything he knows about human responsibility, but these days it is teaching us more than that.

Last week in the sports section, Dion Fanning saw the decline of Newcastle United as "a self-contained example of what austerity and mediocrity can do when they combine to shun any notions of creativity or imagination. The erosion of the human spirit, the wilful ignorance about what a football club means to a community are irrelevant when faced with a rampant and destructive ideology."

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