Monday 22 October 2018

No-Brexit Brexit's looking better all the time

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

With a heavy heart, last week I had to correct an error made by the BBC's Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg. She had quoted Keir Starmer's line at the British Labour Party conference, that "Nobody is ruling out Remain", and she had tweeted: "Impossible to imagine this a year ago."

I felt obliged to point out that I was imagining this two years ago, in these pages, when it seemed to me that the only viable real-world solution was that there would be no Brexit. Or to be precise, the No-Brexit Brexit. Which is essentially Brexit with most of the bad bits of Brexit taken out - which is basically everything about Brexit taken out.

In this vision which was "impossible to imagine a year ago", the UK would Remain for most practical purposes in the EU, though they might be pretending that they are doing something else. And life would go on.

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