Saturday 20 October 2018

Managers say it best when they say nothing at all

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

Writing about the strange hostility of Martin O'Neill to the interviewing style of RTE's Tony O'Donoghue, we pointed out that some of the greatest football managers have had this incandescent loathing of the media, for reasons that are never entirely clear.

Alex Ferguson at any press conference was usually a vision of bad-humoured belligerence. It just seemed to get him going at some visceral level, this notion that these demonstrably inferior people were sitting there in front of him, possibly even forming opinions - wrong opinions, naturally - about what the man at the top table was sharing with them.

For the journalists to argue they were "just doing a job" would merely rise him to further displays of disdain, though in truth anything they said would have the same effect. He would eye them with a baleful expression which said, "if this is you doing your job, do some other f***ing job then".

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