Monday 19 November 2018

Lesser-spotted owls and lesser-spotted ould fellas

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

One of the odd things about these issues of drinking and driving, is that it is those who identify as peasants, not the bourgeoisie, who seem to have a sense of the philosophical dimension.

Not that they are aware of this in an abstract sense - they are, after all, peasants - yet their instincts on this are quite deceptively nuanced.

Unlike the bourgeoisie, they are not satisfied simply to state that anything which may contribute in any way to the saving of lives is self-evidently good. Because to them, there are other things which are also self-evidently good. And in their awareness of the complexity of human existence, and perhaps for reasons which must remain mysterious even to themselves, they feel obliged to draw attention to some of these things.

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