Tuesday 24 April 2018

Journalism is rediscovering its soul in these dark days

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

We learned last week that, in India, there is massive growth in the sales of newspapers.

Partly this is due to the rising rate of literacy, and the fact that the internet or even the supply of electricity may not always be reliable, leading to a preference on the part of readers for this olde worlde activity that we used to call "buying the paper". But in truth it was not really a story about delivery systems - more an illustration that in the right circumstances, people have no trouble at all in recognising the importance of this other olde worlde activity that we call journalism.

That the multitudes of India may be joining us soon in our perfect universe, but that they still see some very good reasons to be reading something that is quite possibly true, or at least factually accurate - which may not be the same thing, exactly, but no doubt they're getting to that too.

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