Saturday 25 November 2017

It's such a pleasure to welcome Ivan back after his sabbatical

That Ivan Yates is betting on a PR exec to tell his story reveals his weakness for politics, writes Declan Lynch

Filling in for Vincent Browne last Monday night, Ivan Yates noted in the preview of the papers that they seemed to have missed the most important news of the day, which was, of course, Transfer Deadline Day.

Now Ivan, knowing the limitations of his audience, made sure to say it in a light-hearted way. And the panel duly responded as if he had made a joke that they didn't quite get. They indulged him for a few moments, and then in characteristic style they moved on swiftly to something less interesting.

In a more sophisticated setting – maybe one of those pubs in Wales in which Ivan says he spent the last year drinking heavily – they would know that he wasn't really joking at all. They would immediately understand that the transfer window raises all sorts of matters which are obviously of interest to any well-rounded person.

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