Saturday 18 August 2018

Eurocrats tell the English nationalists to 12-step up

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

In the language of rehab, they call it an "intervention" - the moment when a person is informed by well-meaning friends or relations that they are no longer connected to reality in any meaningful sense, and that they need treatment.

That visit by the Eurocrats to Downing Street - in which they informed Theresa May that, contrary to many of the assertions of the Brexiteers, Britain would not, in fact, be able to retain most of the advantages of EU membership, while getting rid of the bits they don't like - seemed to be coming from some interventionist playbook, from a place of "tough love". Without the love.

Nationalism, like alcoholism, can leave you needing such unpleasantness. And while you may despise the interventionists on the day, you may eventually come to realise that there was truth in what they were saying, and only self-delusion in your version of events.

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