Tuesday 20 August 2019

Corbs and the cosmic joke played on Britain by the vengeful gods

It always eventually comes back to Jeremy Corbyn.

The official Brexiteers who have now destroyed Theresa May, as they destroy everything else, at least represent a major strain in British life - one that has always been something of a public menace, a conglomeration of the worst people in Britain. They've always been there, mainly in the Conservative Party, but they have always been up against some form of effective opposition, either from other Tories who have read a few books, or from that large entity known as the Labour Party.

Labour has had some disgraceful men in it too, but broadly speaking, it represented an internationalist frame of mind, and it would obviously stand against this garbage they call Brexit, which could ruin the lives of millions of working people.

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And then came Corbs.

The Brexiteers must have seen him coming, because with the arrival of Corbs, this massive void opened up, where a decent opposition used to be.

Corbs is the appalling stroke of bad luck which has emboldened all those bad actors, the cosmic joke played on Britain by the vengeful gods. All his life, Corbs had had terrible opinions about the EU and about most other things too, but it was understood by all, including himself, that there could never be any circumstances in which these opinions would ever be tested on actual human beings.

It just gave him and other unhappy people like him something to do, as they blathered about a working class of which they had no knowledge.

And then insanely, he found himself in this position in which he and his handlers, with their boring, stupid objections on the EU formed during the 1970s, have given a free run to the most dangerous far-right movement seen in Britain since the 1930s.

It always comes back to Corbs.

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