Thursday 14 December 2017

Cameron saunters off, his country destroyed

Cartoonist: Jim Cogan
Cartoonist: Jim Cogan
Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

In this paper last week, Samantha McCaughren reported that RTE's losses for the year will be roughly €20m, due partly to advertisers who are based in London making cuts in spending as a result of Brexit.

One's first reaction is to hope that "Brexit" has become the successor to "9/11" as the great alibi for companies who'd be cutting things anyway, or who are otherwise trying to fool the people - many readers will remember ringing up their pension provider to enquire as to why all their money had been gambled away, to be told that it was down to various things that were mostly beyond human understanding, including "9/11".

But the effects of the Brexit vote are indeed real. They are catastrophic, and they are not to be denied, much though we would like to deny them, much though David Cameron would like to deny them as he sauntered away last week, saying that he would be stepping down as an MP.

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