Saturday 20 January 2018

David Robbins: Saux long to my dream of owning a French chateau

David Robbins

Fate had put it up to me this time. I had been dreaming about buying the Chateau de Saux in the south-west of France for years. And now it was up for sale. Viewing was by appointment only, but I didn't need to view it. I had been gazing lovingly at it for a decade.

It was a stone's throw from where we went every summer. Sure, didn't we get married down here? Didn't I "live" down here for six months? (Well, OK, three.) Haven't we been coming here for years? Saux? Why, I'm practically a native. It's funny what you can convince yourself of when your heart is bent on something. In my own mind, I had already bought the place and had moved on to wondering if droit de seigneur still operated this far south.

"Hold your chevaux, mon ami," said the wife. "Why don't you talk to some ex-pats who already live here?"

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