Wednesday 21 March 2018

David Robbins: Pipsi and me. . . A tail of my life as a dog-owner

Taste in dogs -- a bit like taste in wine, interior decor or sexual partners -- is a personal matter. For some, size is everything. For others, subtlety and sophistication matter most. Drooling, in most instances, is a no-no.

The owners who think big go for a St Bernard or a Great Dane; the sophisticates choose some arcane breed that will confer status. A Zairean Basenji perhaps, which has a distinctive yodelling bark, or a Shar Pei. Those who don't mind endless bad-taste puns pick a Schitzu.

Personally, I have never liked dogs whose tails curl up and over their backs. There are some parts of canine anatomy I simply do not wish to see displayed. I'll leave it at that, okay?

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