Thursday 23 November 2017

The secret life of a 'No' voter may haunt Official Ireland yet

"Don’t be surprised if there is a major TV interview with Mary Ms McAleese and her son Justin (who came out as gay in an article in this newspaper last Saturday) shortly before May 22" writes David Quinn
David Quinn

David Quinn

This comment posted online last week probably sums up what quite a lot of people are thinking to themselves in the run-up to the marriage referendum on May 22.

The person wrote: "I'm voting 'No'. Don't give a doo doo. I'll say in public that I'm voting 'Yes', because who needs the hassle of ten thousand angry dweebs raining dog's abuse down on you?...Vote 'No', and don't be scared to vote 'No'. And when the result is a 'No', look sad and express your sympathies, but know that there'll be lots of other fellas and lassies standing around doing the same who voted 'No' too."

Let's call this person a secret 'No' voter. How many secret 'No' voters are out there? For the sake of the 'Yes' side they had better be few in number. Why do these secret 'No' voters feel they have to stay secret? The anonymous poster explains it perfectly. Who needs the hassle? They're staying silent because they don't want to be denounced.

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