Monday 20 November 2017

PC brigade is now the biggest threat to free and open debate

Illustrated by Ken Lee
Illustrated by Ken Lee
David Quinn

David Quinn

Our new Health Minister, Simon Harris, gave a speech this week at the Parnell Summer School in which he attacked those who attack political correctness.

He said: "Whenever you hear the question 'Has political correctness gone too far?' be afraid. Be very afraid. Because, underpinning that ostensibly reasonable question runs a sewer of squalid assumptions, like that it's OK to use filthy terms to describe women, black people, Travelling people, disabled people or - at its simplest - politically opposed people."

If this is all political correctness aims at, then we need not worry too much about it. In reality, however, political correctness has become the leading threat to free speech and open debate today.

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